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About Us

Fitted Threads began by setting out to solve a problem- how to order the perfect fitting everyday attire online, no guesswork included. We wanted to overturn the conventional online shopping experience by eliminating skepticism and removing the need for customers to choose between a Small, Medium or Large. How? We came up with a twofold solution. By having the customer measure themselves quickly, easily, and with such detailed instruction that mistakes would be eliminated, we knew we could construct a perfectly fitting garment every time for every customer. Furthermore, by allowing our customers to send in a shirt they love for us to copy, we could remove the need for measurements altogether. Set up an account and follow our step by step guide for providing us with your measurements yourself, or choose the option to copy an existing shirt you love. Either way, we guarantee your satisfaction.

A unique pattern for every customer

But we couldn't stop there. We wanted to create a truly great product, so we combined this concept with high-end fabric and skilled craftsmanship to deliver a consistently outstanding product with extraordinary fit. We create every order right here in New York City, no exceptions.

We're proud of our product, and we're proud of our business model. Each customer is unique in their specifications, and we treat them as such. We don’t mass produce; each garment is masterfully cut and sewn by craftsmen with extensive experience in custom tailoring.

Our goal- to provide quality custom made clothing to you in the most efficient way possible. I think we're on to something.